Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Meet Kat. My training partner and the girl of my dreams. She has been my driving force the last couple of months and I have no idea what I would do without her by my side! Thanks for the motivation baby!

15min AMRAP: AM
3 Paralette HSPU
6 hang full squat snatches @95#
9 box Jumps @ 30"

Rnds completed: 6+3paralette hspu +3 box jumps

PM Training:
As many rounds in 3 min @ 100%:
3 heavy swings @88
12 DU's
rest 8 min
As many reps in 3 min @ 100%;
Man Makers - 30#, 20#/h
rest 10 min
As many rounds in 3 min @ 100%;
3 burpees
12 DU's
rest 12 min
As many cals in 3 min @ 100%:

Man Maker - db's/hand, drop into push up with db's, push into top of push up position, perform a 1 arm row per hand where the elbow travels much higher than the back; pull legs in, perform a squat clean thruster with db's - that is one rep

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