Tuesday, June 21, 2011


 Aja and I both Rep. for Team NWA out of Afro brutality and this past weekend he went hard at the Crossfit SC regional competition and took 1st place! This guy is an amazing athlete and person. Look out for this guy in LA, he is sure to make an impact on the future of our sport!

LSRF Training
Strict Press 8x1 "HEAVY" (Warm-up 10,8,5,3)
Warm-up weight; Bar x10/95lb sx8, 135lbs x5, 185lbs x3)
Working weight 8x1; 235x1/235x1/235x1/230x1/230x1/230x1/230x1/230x1


A1.Butterfly pullups wearing 25lb vest 3x20; no rest
A2. Reverse push-ups 3x20 (hands turned in..really works on wrist flexibility)


B1. Lateral raises laying face down on bench 3x15
B2. Ring dips wearing 25lb vest  3x15

PM Training:

Olympic Lifting Tech work
Power Clean touch and go reps 2x5;rest 2min btwn sets
 -Weight used on 1st set 225lbs/ Weight used on 2nd set 245lbs
Full Snatch then hang snatch=1set x10
-Weight used was 135lbs..Skill and speed were the main focus


2 MU
25 DU
Rest 2min x5

Note: My bodyweight right now is 214.5