Thursday, June 16, 2011

I will be back in full effect next year...believe that!!

Oh, the crossroads. How did we get here and which one is the right one to take? Well, its been my experience that the right one is whichever one we choose. The hard part is making that choice, the harder part is taking that first step!

It feels SO much “safer” to stay in place and consider what steps to take, daydreaming about what it would be like to move forward. But ultimately daydreaming is not moving forward, its procrastinating. And I should know – I’ve been a master of procrastination for years. Made an art out of it!
 I made the choice (while in full stride) to take the road that would take me right out of the path that I had been going down for several years...CrossFit regionals and Games. This road was taken because I felt that a change in my life needed to be made and my mind needed to focus on that change. The bottom line is..Next year I will come back to CrossFit Competition at a suicide pace, giving it everything that I possibly can...letting nothing stand in my way!

A Run-Down on the South Central Competition


In the men's race, the top three are pretty well set; assuming none of these men have a really poor performance in 11.6. Drew Bignall (Mission CrossFit SA) is at the front of the pack with a 23-point lead over Zeph Littleton (CrossFit XLR8). Aja Barto (CrossFit West Houston) is another 32 points back from Zeph. If these three continue with performances that meet their current averages in the first five Open workouts, this is exactly what the top three will look like at the end of this week.

What's more interesting, though, is the race between those athletes who are on the edge of making the cut for Regionals. From 50th place to 70th place, there's only a separation of about 100 points, and most of the athletes in those places have had 100+ point placements in at least one Open workout to date. These men who are "on the bubble" have a lot of reason to really blow out Workout 11.6. It seems likely that we'll see some position shake ups in that range over the next week, and it's certainly not a given that anyone currently below 40th place will be going to Regionals at this point.

Notably in the men's division, Chase Ingraham is sitting at 53rd, namely on the back of a 343rd place performance on Workout 11.2. Chase injured his ACL doing box jumps for that workout, and at the time it looked like he might have to pull out of the Open entirely. Thankfully, it turned out to not be as serious as originally feared, and his solid 7th and 4th place finishes in 11.4 and 11.5 have put him back in position to potentially compete at Regionals. Unfortunately, frontrunner Carl Edwards has had to withdraw from the Open.

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