Tuesday, September 20, 2011


AM Training:

5 sets AFAP
15x Tough Russian Kb swings (I used 2kbs @53lbs..Total weight used=106lb)
15x Box Jumps- Tough Height/ Jump up and step down fast (Used 30")
Run 400m (Increasing speed every 100m until the last 100m is top end)
-Rest 6min b/t sets

Note on AM training- Kb swings and box jumps were unbroken.  I would finish with the kbs and box jumps at around 1:15-1:25, I did not time the run, but I did increase speed every 100m...

Rested 8hrs

PM Training:

Olympic Lifting (Black Box FW/ Dutch Lowy)
Snatch (Find max Load)
Cl & J (Find Max Load)
Back Squat 3x5reps @ 405lbs

Rest as needed after Lifts, then;

For total Time:
21 kb snatch @2pood-R
21 kb snatch-L
21 pistols-R
21 pistols-L
10 ring hspu
rest 90sec
15 kb snatch-R
15kb snatch-L
15 pistols-R
15 pistols-L
10 ring hspu
rest 90sec
9 kb snatch-R
9 kb snatch-L
9 pistols-R
9 pistols-L
10 ring hspu

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It's not tragic to die doing what you love.

Olympic Lifting
Sn drop 2/2/2/2/2
Cl+Fs+J 1+1+1 3/3/3/3/3
Cl pull 3/3/3/3

200m Cartwheels

Metcon 1:
2k row for time-max effort

Metcon 2:
AMRAP 20min
3 MU
20 wall ball
200m run


The act of blanking out, the willful suspension of one's consciousness, the refusal to think-not blindness, but the refusal to see; not ignorance, but the refusal to know. It is the act of unfocussing your mind and inducing an inner fog to escape the responsibility of judgment-on the unstated premise that a thing will not exist if only you refuse to identify it, that A will not be A so long as you do not pronounce the verdict "IT IS."

Olympic Lifting
power snatch 1/1/1/1/1
Power clean and jerk 1/1/1/1

Metcon: for time
3 rnds
10 hand release pushups
15 t2b
20box jumps 

10 burpees
15 pistols alt
20 DU
1 round
15 lunges
20 cal row


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moral Perfection

"Pride" is the commitment to achieve one's own moral perfection" Man, faces two corollary, interdependent fields of action in which a constant exercise of choice and a constant creative process are demanded of him: the world around him and his own soul......Just as he had to produce the material values he needs to sustain his life, so he has to acquire the values of character that enable him to sustain it and that make his life worth living.......he has to......survive by shaping the world and himself in the image of his values."Ayn Rand

Black Box FW Training (Olympic)

Snatch 1/1/1/1/1 Heavy
Jerk 1/1/1/1
RDL 4/4/4/4/4

Use % of back squat on RDL

6 sets:
3 tough Standing Press
rest 20 sec
50 Double Unders AFAP
30 sit ups AFAP
rest 3 min
(add press weight per set)
In 5 min:
AMRAP Ground to Overhead
choose from 60-100 kg for males
choose from 30-60 kg for females
(post video to comments - score is reps x wt moved)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Let it go

Leadership produces adversaries. Adversaries can produce animosity, anger, even hatterd within yourself, and allowing these emotinos to have a home in your heart is self destructive.
   Don't hold a grudge. It takes up room in your heart, it takes up time in your life and it takes up space in your mind....Let it go. Let others hate and be hurt, don't do it to yourself.
   Remember what Mother Teresa said, "Forgivemess will set you free."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today I'm just going in to film a video of my hitting a max power clean...I need to get at least 315 with good form!