Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Workout of the day

This is why I train, This is why i compete, this is what I love!

AM strength Training...
Wide grip press-find your one rep max..warm-up accordingly.
A1. Mixed grip chin-ups x12; 30sec rest
A2. Bar dips x15; 3sets; 30sec rest
B1. Single Db rows x10 each side;30sec rest
B2. Wide grip Bench press x10;60sec rest

AM conditioning.....
5rnds for time:
75lb ohs x12
Box jump burpee x 7 @ 24"

PM Conditioning....

Have not decided yet, something light to keep the lungs and mind ready. I'll take off tomorrow and get after the CrossFit Games Open Wod on Thursday...wish me luck...1....2....3....lets do this!

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