Tuesday, September 20, 2011


AM Training:

5 sets AFAP
15x Tough Russian Kb swings (I used 2kbs @53lbs..Total weight used=106lb)
15x Box Jumps- Tough Height/ Jump up and step down fast (Used 30")
Run 400m (Increasing speed every 100m until the last 100m is top end)
-Rest 6min b/t sets

Note on AM training- Kb swings and box jumps were unbroken.  I would finish with the kbs and box jumps at around 1:15-1:25, I did not time the run, but I did increase speed every 100m...

Rested 8hrs

PM Training:

Olympic Lifting (Black Box FW/ Dutch Lowy)
Snatch (Find max Load)
Cl & J (Find Max Load)
Back Squat 3x5reps @ 405lbs

Rest as needed after Lifts, then;

For total Time:
21 kb snatch @2pood-R
21 kb snatch-L
21 pistols-R
21 pistols-L
10 ring hspu
rest 90sec
15 kb snatch-R
15kb snatch-L
15 pistols-R
15 pistols-L
10 ring hspu
rest 90sec
9 kb snatch-R
9 kb snatch-L
9 pistols-R
9 pistols-L
10 ring hspu

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