Monday, February 7, 2011

"The pursuit of strength"

Getting after 5x5 front squat @225 on all sets (this kills after a full day of work)..Get Some!

WOD #1
3rnds for time:
DU x35
MU x5
PP x20 @45 pounds

10min active rest (keep moving)

WOD #2
5 sets:
Hang Squat Snatch x10 @75 pounds
Box Jumps x10 @ 24'
KBS x6,7,8,9,10 @ 88 pounds
Rest 90sec
-Note: For KBS increase one rep each set until you complete 10 reps in the 5th set

-Rest as needed before you move on to the next. Everybody is different when it comes to intensity and recovery. I Went straight into strength after the above WODs. If possible, rest 1-2hrs.

A1.Trap Bar DL 3x10: 30sec rest btwn sets
B1.Rogue reverse Hyper Weighted ( I used 4x 45pound plates on this) 3x10: 15sec rest 
B2.Band abduct with yellow band 3x50:15 sec rest
C1. Step ups on box with knee raise 3x20 (ten on each leg) using 50 pound DBs

Cool Down:
Death loop run (875m)

Training Note:With rest btwn WODs and strength, it took me around 3hrs or so to complete this entire workout.

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