Wednesday, February 16, 2011


5 rounds
5db dl
5db hang clean
5db push press
5db squats
:Increase the weight on each round and rest as needed in btwn

I hit 90 pound db on the last round.

Strength @ Lift Strong Run Fast
Pull up x 1 rm
Thruster 3 x 10
A1.  Bench press 3 x 10
A2.  DB bent row 3 x 10 ea. arm
B1.  Neutral grip pull up 3 x 10
B2.  DB alternating ‘arnold’ press 3 x 20

Pullup 1rm:
I stopped at an 88 pound Kb, probably could have gone a bit heavier

all unbroken

Bench Press:
Used 225lbs on all 3 sets

Db rows:
use 100lbs on all 3 sets

just used 35lb dbs and went unbroken

Cool down:
Row 500m +40 Du
Row 1000m +50 Du
Row 2000m +60 DU

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