Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Here is a video of me hitting up an Afro Brutality WOD yesterday called "The 44th President". I ended up doing round 5 twice..LOL! I need to hit this one again, I know I can Get Sub 5 for sure!

Bench Press 1rm

A1. Incline db press 3x6
A2. Wide grip pull-ups, strict, no kipping chest 2 bar 3x10
B1. Ring pushups (feet on box) 3x20
B2. Upright rows 3x10

S. Lewis; Rob Orlando WOD
4 rounds for time of:
Power clean x5@ 205
Hspu x10
500m row

new pr: 12:36
Old pr: 13:58

HSPU Were all unbroken, which was great skill work for me..super stoked!

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