Monday, August 22, 2011

Front Squat Max

Front Squat Max
"Today is our second ever online competition with PDX Weightlifting in Protland Oregon. Last time we did Cleans and came out as losers (someone has to lose right?) but this time, i am confident we can out squat them! We are going to do the scoring a bit different so things should come out a bit more even but everyone is invited (and required if you show up) to compete. We are not only a family but a team and we gotta compete together!!
Luckily if you can’t make it in the afternoon we have our morning weightlifting program starting today as well. It is the first of its kind in the area and should be loads of fun! I know someone out there is crazy enough to get up early to throw around some weights right?" Dutch
Click the "Black Box FW max front Squat" Link below, to find out more about what Black Box is

Max Front Squat (on video)

Followed by;
5 rounds 
6 thrusters
12 box jumps
30 jump n jacks

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