Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WODS hit

CF games WOD:
5 rope climbs
5 clean and jerk
4 rope climb
4 clean and jerk @165
3 rope climb
3 clean and jerk @185
2 rope climb
2 clean and jerk @205
1 rope climb
1 clean and jerk @225

Took me 8min...i had to add weight each time I hit the bar, so it killed my time.

4 rounds
5 MU
10 DL @245
15 GHD sit ups
50yd sprint
-Every round add 50yds to the sprint, ending with 200yrds.
 Time: 12:15....Movements were separated. i know I could have killed this is 7 or 8 if it was set up like the games....oh well...great wod!

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